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WiseNews 電子剪報: Browse & Search

Browse & Search


The default mode allows you to browse headlines of the current day under each of the 5 special topics. General topics are available under <分類新聞概覽 (香港) /Category News (HK)>.

To browse by publication within a category, click <選擇刊物/Select Source> on the top right corner:

  • Specify a publication group next to <刊物群組/Publication Group> or
  • Check the radio button next to <自選刊物/Custom Publication> and select specific title(s). Hold down the Ctrl key to make multiple selections, then press [加入/Add], then [確定/Done].



To search for news/magazine articles, go to <慧科搜索/WiseSearch> on the top right corner.

Advanced Search

  1. Type search terms into the keyword box.
  2. Specify fields and date range to be searched. The date range can be set up to 3 years.
  3. Click to set search filters by Hot Picks, Source, Listed Company, or Others (author, column or section).
  4. Press [搜索/Search].


Search Commands

Use the following commands to build your search statements:

  • AND - to find articles containing both the first and the second terms.
    e.g., 中國 and 學生
  • OR - to find articles containing either the first or the second term or both terms.
    e.g., 維港 or 維多利亞港
  • NOT - to exclude the specified term from the search.
    e.g., 空氣污染 not 汽車
  • Parentheses - to specify the order search terms are combined.
    e.g., 運動 and (小孩 or 青年)
  • Phrase searching - enclose an English term in double quotation marks to ensure it is searched as a phrase. Chinese terms are searched as phrases by default.
    e.g., "eastern harbour tunnel" and tolls
  • Truncation - to retrieve an English word with variant endings.
    e.g., pollut* will retrieve pollute, pollutes, pollution, polluted, etc.


Modify Search

  • Choose <編輯搜索/Edit Search> to modify the search query.
  • To narrow down your existing search, choose <在結果中搜尋/Refine Search>, input additional terms in the box and select <搜尋/Search>.

    Modify Search


Save & Retrieve Search

  • To store your search parameters for future use, select <保存搜索/Save Search> on the results list.
  • In the <已選項目 /Search Criteria> box, assign a file name to your search, and click <儲存搜索/Save Search>. You can save up to 4 searches.
  • To re-run your search from the main search menu, select your saved search from the pull-down menu in the <已選項目 /Search Criteria> box, and press [搜索/Search].

    Save Search

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