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Statistical Information: Taiwan

Here you will find lists of general and subject-specific statistical sources available at HKUST Library and on the Internet. Arrangement is by region and country.



行政院主計處= Directorate General of Budget Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C
Provides news, information and statistics on Taiwan's budget accounting, statistical standards, and business surveys. There are also links to other government departments and statistical websites.
(E-Resource & Book Collection s HA4646 .C48)
中華民國統計資訊網 = National Statistics, R. O. C. (Taiwan)
Provides official statistical data for Taiwan.
中華民國經濟統計年報 = Economic statistics annual, the Republic of China
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HC430.5.A1 .Z46)
中華民國臺閩地區內政統計月報= Monthly bulletin of interior statistics, Taiwan and Fuchien area, Republic of China
(E-Resource & Periodical HA4646 .C49)
Statistical yearbook of the Republic of China
(E-Resources & Book Collection HA4646 .S83)
Taiwan statistical data book
(E-Resource & Book Collection HA4646 .T36)

Economy and Finance

中華民國台灣地區, 金融統計月報 = Financial statistics monthly, Taiwan district, the Republic of China
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HG187.T28 C48)
中華民國國家發展委員會=National Development Council
Contains Taiwan Statistical Data Book, Taiwan Economic Statistics, Urban and Regional Development Statistics, etc.
財政統計=Financial Statistics
Hosted by the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Finance, it includes the online versions of 財政統計月報, 財政統計年報 and 賦稅統計年報, etc.
Central Bank of China: Statistics
Can browse statistics by publication frequency and category.


Ministry of Education, Education Statistics (中華民國教育部統計處)
Provides education statistics in both Chinese and English.
Educational statistics of the Republic of China (中華民國教育統計)
(E-Resource & Book Collection L574 .C57)


中華民國臺灣地區國民所得統計摘要 = Statistical abstract of national income in Taiwan Area, the Republic of China
(Multiple Locations HC430.5.Z9 I5162)
國民所得統計年報 = National income statistics yearbook
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HC430.5.Z9 I516)


人力資源統計月報 = Monthly bulletin of manpower statistics, Taiwan area, Republic of China
(E-Resource & Periodical HD5832 .A382)

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