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Statistical Information: Hong Kong SAR

Here you will find lists of general and subject-specific statistical sources available at HKUST Library and on the Internet. Arrangement is by region and country.

Hong Kong SAR


香港 = Hong Kong
(E-Resources & Multiple Locations DS796.H7 A332 / DS796.H7 A33)
香港的發展 ... 統計圖表集 
(E-Resource & HA4653 .X52 2003)
香港便覽= Hong Kong Fact Sheets
香港統計月刊 = Hong Kong monthly digest of statistics
(E-Resource & Periodical HA4651 .H65)
香港統計年刊 = Hong Kong annual digest of statistics
(E-Resource & HA4651 .H64)
統計與生活 = Living with statistics
(Oversize HA4653 .T66 2006)
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department - Hong Kong statistics
Gives key economic and social indicators, tables and charts, and statistics by subject in 20 areas such as:
  • Population and Vital Events
  • Labour
  • External Trade
  • Industrial Production
  • Commerce
  • Prices
  • Education
  • Health
  • Law and Order
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department Publications - Statistical Report
Full-text publications, both current and archival years, are categorized under:
  • General Statistical Digests
  • External Trade
  • National Income and Balance of Payments
  • Labour
  • Consumer Prices and Household Expenditure
  • Commerce and Industry
  • Population
  • Social Data and Feature Articles

Commerce & Trade

代表香港境外母公...調查報告= Report on ... annual survey of companies in Hong Kong representing parent companies located outside Hong Kong / Business Expectation Statistics Section, Census and Statistics Department
(Book Collection HD2913.A1 R472)
(Book Collection HF3851 .H85)
香港商品貿易指數 = Hong Kong merchandise trade index numbers
(E-Resource & Book Collection HF3851.A2 H65)
香港商品貿易統計. 周年附刊 : 按國家及貨品劃分--進口 = Hong Kong merchandise trade statistics. Annual supplement : country by commodity--imports
(E-Resource & Book Collection HF3851 .H642)
香港商品貿易統計. 周年附刊 : 按國家及貨品劃分, 港產品出口及轉口 = Hong Kong merchandise trade statistics. Annual supplement : country by commodity, domestic exports and re-exports
(E-Resource & Book Collection HF3851 .H632)
香港商品貿易統計. 進口 = Hong Kong merchandise trade statistics. Imports
(E-Resource & Periodical HF3851 .H64)
香港商品貿易統計. 港產品出口及轉口 = Hong Kong merchandise trade statistics. Domestic exports and re-exports
(E-Resources & Periodical HF3851 .H63)
香港貿易展望 = Hong Kong's trade outlook for ...
(HF3851 .H662 / HF3851 .H66 )
香港對外商品貿易 = Hong Kong external merchandise trade
(E-Resources & Periodical HF3851 .H62)
香港對外商品貿易回顧 = Annual review of Hong Kong external merchandise trade
(E-Resources & Book Collection HF3851 .H627)
零售業銷貨額按月統計調查報告 = Report on monthly survey of retail sales
(E-Resource & Periodical HF5429.6.H85 R47)
Hong Kong Statistics - External Trade


本地生產總值估計 = Gross domestic product
(E-Resources & Multiple Locations HC470.3.Z9 I512 / HC470.3.Z9 I5)
本地生產總值, 按季估計及修訂按年估計
(E-Resource & Reference HC470.3.Z9 I5124)
(Multiple Locations HC470.3.A1 H75)
香港經濟趨勢 = Hong Kong economic trends
(E-Resource & Periodical HC470.3 .H96)
消費物價指數月報 = Consumer price index report
(E-Resource & Periodical HB235.H75 C66)
消費物價指數年報 = Annual report on the consumer price index
(E-Resource & Book Collection HB235.H75 A56)
經濟報告 = Economic report
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HC470.3.A1 E342 / HC470.3.A1 E34)
經濟概況及 ... 展望 = Economic background and ... prospects
(E-Resources & Multiple Locations HC470.3.A1 E372 / HC470.3.A1 E37)
Hong Kong Economy
The official website of the HK government which gives a bird's eye view of the overall developments in the Hong Kong economy, covering GDP growth, external trade, retail sales, property market, labour market, financial market and consumer price inflation, etc.
Hong Kong Statistics - National Income and Balance of Payments
Hong Kong Statistics - Prices
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept Publications - Consumer Prices and Household Expenditure
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept Publications - National Income and Balance of Payments


中小學敎師統計 = Statistics on primary and secondary school teachers
(Multiple Locations LB2832.4.H85 T4323)
中國香港大學教育資助委員會...報告 = University Grants Committee of Hong Kong China report
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations LC179.H85 H69)
幼稚園敎師統計 = Statistics on kindergarten teachers
(Multiple Locations LB2832.4.H85 T4322)
香港學校教育制度教育指標 = Education indicators for the Hong Kong school education system
(Book Collection LB2846 .H75 / LB2846 .H752)
資料與統計數字 / 香港大學敎育資助委員會
(Book Collection LB2342.2.H85 H662)
學生人數統計 : [詳細統計表] = Enrolment statistics : [detailed tables]
(Multiple Locations LC136.C62 H66)
Hong Kong Statistics - Education
University Grants Committee - Statistics


金融管理局季報 = Quarterly bulletin / Hong Kong Monetary Authority
(E-Resource & Periodical HG1302 .Q37)
金融數據月報= Monthly statistical bulletin / Hong Kong Monetary Authority
(E-Resource & Periodical HG1301.5 .M65)
香港交易所-統計資料及數據 = HK Ex - Data and statistics
HKEX compiles statistics from its markets and conducts surveys and research on activities in its markets and other markets. 
HKEx Publications (1995-2013)
Published by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd., it provides monthly trading data grouped under these headings: Annual Reports, Factbook, HKEx Surveys, Interim Report, Monthly Market Statistics (Cash), Monthly Market Statistics (Future Operation), Monthly Market Data, Quarterly Report.
(Reference Standalone)

Housing & Real Property

香港物業報告 = Hong Kong property review
(E-Resource & Book Collection HD943.2 .W8)
建造工程完成量按季統計調查報告 = Report on the quarterly survey of construction output
(E-Resource & Periodical HD9715.H6 R48)
建築地盤就業及空缺按季統計報告 = Quarterly report of employment and vacancies at construction sites
(E-Resource & Periodical HD9715.H6 Q83)
Monthly digest / Buildings Department
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations TH113.H85 M66 1991-2004)
Hong Kong Statistics - Housing & Property
Hong Kong Statistics - Building, Construction and Real Estate Sectors

Industry & Labor

服務行業按季業務收益指數 = Quarterly business receipts indices for service industries

(E-Resource & Periodical HD9987.H85 F8)
服務業統計摘要 = Statistical digest of the services sector
(E-Resource & Periodical HD9987.H85 F85)
食肆的收入及購貨額按季統計調查報告 = Report on quarterly survey of restaurant receipts and purchases
(E-Resource & Periodical TX910.H85 R47)
倉庫業, 通訊業, 銀行業, 財務業, 保險業及商用服務業按年統計調查報告 = Report on ... annual surveys of storage, communication, banking, financing, insurance and business services
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HC470.3.A1 C46)
紡織業生產按季統計數字 = Quarterly textile production statistics
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HD9866.H85 R47)
業務展望按季統計調查報告 = Report on Quarterly Business Tendency Survey
(E-Resource & Periodical HC470.3.A1 Q37)
製造業按季生產者價格指數 = Quarterly producer price indices for manufacturing Industries
(E-Resource & Periodical HD9736.H85 Z45)
Annual statistical report of trade unions in Hong Kong
(E-Resources & Book Collection HD6851.A2 H66)
Graduate employment survey report
(E-Resources HD6278.H85 G7344)
Hong Kong Statistics - Labor
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept Publications - Commerce and Industry
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department Publications - Labor

Population, Health & Social Conditions

2001人口普查. 主要報告 = 2001 population census. Main report
(Book Collection HA4651.5 2001 .Z58)
2001人口普查. 簡要報告 = 2001 population census 2001. Summary results
(Book Collection HA4651.5 2001 .J53)
2006中期人口統計. 主要報告 = 2006 population by-census. Main report
(Book Collection HA4651.5 2006 .Z58)
2006中期人口統計. 簡要報告 = 2006 population by-census. Summary results
(Book Collection HA4651.5 2006 .J53)
人口年齡結構推算, 2002-2011 : 按區議會分區和新市鎮制訂 = Projections of population age structure, 2002-2011 : by District Council District and New Town
(Book Collection HB3657.A3 R46 2002)
在香港發生的罪案及其受害者 : 香港政府統計處進行的罪案受害者統計報告書
(E-Resource & Book Collection HV6250.3.H85 C742)
死因裁判報告 = Coroners report
(E-Resource & Book Collection JQ678 .H66)
香港司法機構 = Hong Kong judiciary
香港警察年報 = Hong Kong Police review
懲教機構收納人數統計報告 = Annual statistical tables on receptions
(Multiple Locations HV8461.A2 A66)
Social data collected by the General Household Survey : special topics report
(E-Resource & Book Collection HA4651 .S64)
Hong Kong Statistics - Culture, Entertainment & Recreation
Hong Kong Statistics - Health
Hong Kong Statistics - Law & Order
Hong Kong Statistics - Population
Hong Kong Statistics - Social Welfare
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept Publications - Population
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Dept Publications - Social Data

Science, Technology & Telecommunications

香港能源統計 = Hong Kong energy statistics
(E-Resource & Book Collection HD9502.H8 H66)
香港能源統計. 季刊 = Hong Kong energy statistics. Quarterly report
(E-Resource & Periodical HD9502.H8 H662)
香港--資訊社會 = Hong Kong as an information society
(E-Resource & Book Collection HN755.2.I56 X53)
Hong Kong Statistics - Energy
Hong Kong Statistics - Science and Technology


香港酒店業回顧 = Hong Kong hotel industry
(Multiple Locations TX910.H85 H65)
香港旅遊業統計回顧 = A Statistical review of tourism
(Multiple Locations G155.H63 H652)
酒店入住率報告 = Hotel room occupancy report
(Reference TX910.H85 H68)
酒店供應情況 = Hotel supply situation
(Multiple Locations TX910.H85 H683)
訪港旅客分析報告 = Visitor profile report
(Multiple Locations G155.H63 F35)
訪港旅客統計 = Visitor arrival statistics
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations G155.H63 V57)
與入境旅遊相關的開支 = Tourism expenditure associated to inbound tourism
(E-Resource & Book Collection G155.H63 T68)
Hong Kong Statistics - Transport, Communications and Tourism


(E-Resources & Book Collection HE281.A15 H6822 / HE281.A15 H682)
香港船務統計= Hong Kong shipping statistics
(E-Resource & Periodical HE897 .H66)
道路交通意外統計 = Road traffic accident statistics
(E-Resources HE5614.5.H85 T362)
運輸及有關行業統計調查報告 = Report on ... survey of transport & related services
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HE281.A15 S866)
運輸資料年報 = Annual transport digest
(E-Resources & Book Collection HE281.A15 H662 / Book Collection HE281.A15 H66)
Transport Figures
A bilingual site of the Transport Department which contains Transport Figures such as Passenger Journeys, Vehicles Registration & Licensing and Road Traffic Accident Statistics. More statistics are available in the Monthly Traffic and Transport Digest.
Hong Kong Statistics - Transport, Communications and Tourism

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