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SOSC 2140 - Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Stuart): Search Tools

This guides is designed to help SOSC 2140 students to find book, articles, etc. useful for their learning and projects.





A good first place to start. HKUST Library's "One stop" search  (library + several other databases at once)

  • For books only, choose Library Catalog   | For articles only, choose Primo Central
  • Know the author (like Caroline Pluss)?
    • Use the drop-down menu & search the author's name.
  • Know the title? 
    • Use the drop-down menu for title.

Useful Websites

Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department

Has current and some historical statistics. Some online information goes back as far as the 1980s  For data before that, you would have to go to print (via PowerSearch for HKUST's collection).

The search allows you to try and find special reports and statistics.

Hong Kong Home Affairs Office - Support Services for New Arrivals from the Mainland

This page has links to quarterly reports & surveys on new arrivals (one way permit holders). There are also links to NGOs that serve newly arrived mainland migrants.

Hong Kong Labour Department - Publicity Materials and other Publications

This page shows official government material aimed at helpers, including policies. By going one level up, you will find other infomation, including "Foreign Domestic Helper Corner"

Enrich HK

The local NGO for foreign domestic workers that SOSC 2140 - fall 2018 works with. It includes a useful page of links to other organizations


Mission for Migrant Workers

Includes reports and press releases

Oxfam Hong Kong - Policy Papers

Use the drop-down menu for the topic of Poverty to find some possibly useful reports and data.

Society for Community Organization (SOCO) - Resource Centre

This is an NGO and advocacy organization. It includes a special section on newly arrived Chinese migrants: 新移民工作計劃

Unison Hong Kong

A local NGO that focuses on its work on serving ethnic minority Hong Kong residents and their families. Its site includes useful reserach papers  and links to other NGOs serving ethnic minorities in Hong Kong

Journal Article Databases

Go to Databses -> Humanities and Social Sciences  to see other available databases.

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