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SOSC 2140 - Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Stuart): Types of Information Sources

This guides is designed to help SOSC 2140 students to find book, articles, etc. useful for their learning and projects.

Different Types of Published Social Science Research

As a First Year student in LANG 1002, you were introduced to how to find newspaper & magazine articles.

Now you are developing as a scholar and need to become familiar with new types of  scholarly information

Specialist Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Books & Handbooks


Scholarly Journal Articles

  • Cover in-depth research in a specialized subject area
  • Written by academics, researchers or scholars. Qualifications or credentials of the authors usually appear near the names or in the footnote or end-note
  • Contents are peer-reviewed (revised according to comments from subject experts in the field before publication)
  • Structure of the article: Article title, authors and their qualifications and affiliations, abstract (article summary), research methodologies, conclusion and references
  • Arguments, claims and conclusions supported by data and evidence.
  • Sources consulted are listed in the end of paper references or bibliography section
  • Example 
    • Shum, Mark Shiu-Kee, Fang Gao, and Linda Tsung. "Unlocking the Racialized and Gendered Educational Experiences of South Asian Females in Hong Kong: The Case Study of Pakistani Girls." Asian Ethnicity, 13, no.1 (2012): 251-62.

Some helpful videos (try one)


 Review Article    (in a scholarly journal)

A published "literature review".

The author(s) brings together the published articles and books on the topic and summarizes & analyses the current state of knowledge.

What can you get from it?

  • Names of major scholars working on the topic
  • Current state of knowledge (when it was published)
  • Identify research gaps
  • List sources for you to go for further reading


 Government and NGO (non-government organizations) publications

Government documents present data, information, and analysis from government departments, with that perspective


Lee, Sarah S. Y.(2016) Between worlds : Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong, 1970-2005. PhD Thesis.SOAS, University of London.



Dissertation (Thesis)

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