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SOSC 2140 - Research Methods in the Social Sciences: About

This guides is designed to help SOSC 2140 students to find book, articles, etc. useful for their learning and projects.

Pre-session video & game

Goals of this Library Guide

The  short-term goals of this guide are to supplement the face-to-face Library sessions:

  • Will be able to use one or two  good articles to start to build your bibliography..

  • Produce a fully referenced research proposal studying an area of migration which you have found interesting and relevant,

The long-term goal of this guide is to help you become a thoughtful user and creator of social science information and knowledge.

Your SOSC 2140 Research proposal   [from Canvas]

"The final, main assessment in this course is to develop your own research project which is based upon (a) the work you have done throughout the course on social science research methods, and (b) the reading you have done (and will develop) on migration in Hong Kong."

"... There is no upper or lower word limit. However, of course, the more you reference and the more you show me that you have watched the lectures, read the textbook and read around your topic, the higher your score will be."

Questions for Reflection (after class)

Library session 

Exercise 6: for Library

(a) How can you find other sources in the library to help you to see if other approaches have been taken?

(b) What other sources have you found?

(c) How do they help you understand the paper you read?

(d) Do you have any new thoughts on exercises 1-4 after looking at other papers?



Worksheet | Powerpoint | Feedback form

Feedback form (open for 24 hours after session starts):

Articles Prof. Gietel-Basten Provided (Fal 2021)



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