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SciFinder: Explore References

Search by research topic

Use SciFinder® to explore an area of research by entering a phrase or sentence in English. SciFinder uses relationships among the key words to quickly retrieve results that are relevant to your research interests.

Useful tips:

• Specify two or three concepts using plain English.
• Include prepositions and articles to connect the concepts.
• Place acronyms or synonyms in parentheses after the synonymous concept.
• Use "not" or "except" to exclude a particular term.
• Use limits to reduce the number of results in your answer set.



Refine and manage your search results

After retrieving results, select candidate references of interest according to the relationship of the terms and concepts within records. Click Get References


To remove the duplicate MEDLINE records from the answer set:

Sort references:

Save your search results with "Saved Answer Sets":


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