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PowerSearch: Sign in - My Account - Renew & Handle loans

to "My Account"

You can sign-in from several locations, including here.

1. In the PowerSearch Banner

2. Get it in library section of a record

3. My Account on Library home page (desk-top version)

4. My Account on Library home page (mobile version)

For a quick video introduction, click this thumbnail:

Previous & Historic Loans

Previous & Historic Loans a.k.a. Reading History

  • How long does it keep what I borrowed?
    • Starting from October. 15, 2021, your "Historic Loans"  will be deleted from your account 365 days after check-in (return).
  • Can I save them?
    • Yes, you can export them to a Bibliographic Management Software like RefWorks.
    • You can  email them to yourself
  • Can I export and save everything?
    • Some loans, like those from HKALL can't be exported and saved this way.

Export Previous & Historic Loans

1. Sign in to your account

2.Go to the loans section, the default view is active loan. image of default loans view in MyAccount, showing active loans

3. Use the drop-down menu to view "Previous and Historic Loans"

Display of previous and historic loans in MyAccount

4.  Tick the box next to the number of loans.

image showing a box ticked (checked) next to the number of previous and historic loans

5. Checking the box activates the menu choice (the three dots:  ...). Select the menu.

image showing the menu (three dots in a row) surrounded by a red box

6. After you select the menu, you will have a choice on how you want to export the records of your old loans.

image showing a choice of how to export: Refworks,  BibTex, RIS, EndNote, or email


7. You need to be connected to RefWorks or EndNote before you can do the export.


Please email to if you have any trouble.


Login with email address

Use your HKUST email address to login.  PowerSearch login and password help is available.


Renew Items

After you've logged in, you can view your loans and renew them by

1a. Clicking "Renew All" under Overview


1b. Or, clicking "Renew" under Loans


2. A notice with new due date popes up once renew was processed successfully

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