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PowerSearch: Save Searches & Create Alerts

Export Saved Searches

 * PowerSearch will have a major systems update in early July, 2022*

  • Saved searches and notifications based on saved searches will not migrate.
  • If you want to save your searches for future use
    • Export your saved searches before July 1, 2022
    • Re-run the searches and set up your notifications after July 8, 2022

To export your saved searches:

1. Login to My Account

saved searches screen capture 1

 2.  Choose the pin icon (My Favorites). You will then be in "My Favorites.

3.  Choose "Saved Searches"

export saved searches to excel

You will then be in "Saved Searches.

4. Choose  "Export all to MS Excel"

export saved searches to excel

 An Excel sheet will be generated with your saved searches.  You can save them for future use.

excel file of saved searches


If you wish to migrate your searches from the pre-July 2022 PowerSearch version to the post July 2022 system, do the following after 8 July 2022.

  • Go to the excel sheet of saved searches
  • Copy and paste your saved searches (one by one) into tPowerSearch
  • Save the searches & turn on the notifcations as you desire.


Save Search History

Search history is kept automatically until you close the browser. 

1. Click the "Pin" button from the banner to view search history




2. Click the searched keywords under Search History


3.  You can revise the search criteria based on the previous search history


After you've logged in, you can bookmark the search query by

1a. Clicking the "Pin" button under Search History

1b. Or clicking "save query" in a search result page

2. A notice will pop up once the query is saved successfully for notificationsave_query_successfully

3. Saved queries are kept under Saved Searches

Create Alert

1. Click the "Bell" button for creating alert after you signed in


2. A notice will be poped up once the alert was built successfully

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