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MGMT 2110 - Organizational Behavior (Fall 2019): EBSCOhost Research Databases

EBSCOhost Research Databases

EBSCOhost Research Databases -- a platform consisting of multiple databases which provide access to the full text of a large collection of journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. in various disciplines.

To access, go to Library Home > Databases > E > EBSCOhost Research Databases

Key search steps:

  • Check "Select all" databases
  • Enter keywords in "Advanced Search"
  • Uncheck "Linked Full Text" if you want more results
  • Browse search results, choose useful articles, click PDF Full Text / HTML Full Text / the "Find@HKUST" button
  • Refine your results (search fields, publication date, source types, etc.) if necessary
  • Check the cited references in a relevant article; these references can be useful to your paper
  • Save references in APA format

Sample Research Question & Possible Keywords

The following are for demonstrating purposes.

Sample Research Topic: Reward / Incentive

What do you want to know? Does money really affect motivation?

Sample Research Question: How does pay (below- vs. above-market) influence work motivation?

Possible Keywords & Related Words: Pay, money, incentive awards, financial rewards, pay for performance, monetary incentives, monetary rewards, financial incentives, underpaid, overpaid, non-financial rewards, influence, impact, effect, motivation, work motivation, employee motivation, job performance, work performance, employees, underpayment, overpayment, job equality, inequality, satisfaction, productivity, organizational performance, workplace, etc.

No ideas on how to turn a broad topic into a research question? Watch our Mind Mapping video to find out.

Search Example

Search Query: (pay OR salar* OR compensation* OR "monetary incentive*") AND (impact* OR affect*) AND ("job performance" OR "work performance" OR motivation)

Refined Search & Results:


  • Don't just look at the 1st page results.
  • Pay attention to the article length. If it is too short, may not enough to support your arguments.
  • Check the cited references in a relevant article; these references can be useful to your paper.
  • There will never be one perfect search for your research topic and question.  Be flexible, and make use of the search techniques that you learned from the pre-library workshop videos to develop different search queries and strategies.
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