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LANG 2010 - English for Science I: About

Your Assignment

This guide is to help LANG 2010 students find  information for your Case Study Report  based on cases from PreventionWeb.

The case study report must include:

  • Introduction to the chosen hazard (list of hazards)
    • Background / Factual description / history of the present situation
    • Problem statement: Identify the problem arises from the situation
    • Statistical data to illustrate the seriousness / urgency / significance of the problem (when applicable)
    • Significance of the problem
  • Your Problem analysis
    •  Analyse the problem and issues underlying the problem.
    • Select relevant science knowledge / notions / concepts (from various Science disciplines) to analyse the problem.
  • Your Proposed solutions and evaluation
    • Suggest possible solutions to address the problem.
    • Apply scientific knowledge / notions / concepts to generate solutions.
    • Evaluate all suggested solutions, e.g. the benefits and limitations.
  •  Your Recommendations
    • Identify and justify the best solution
    • Recommend courses of actions to implement the solutions
    • Justify recommendations based on feasibility and complementariness
  • Your Conclusion
    • Summarise the analysis of the problem
    • Identify and justify theories and strategies proposed
    • - Reiterate the significance of dealing with this problem
  • References
    • Citation / referencing is needed for all inclusion of secondary data / information
  • Appendices
    • Any supplementary and illustrative materials e.g. tables, charts, graphs, diagrams etc.
    • They should all be clearly labelled, numbered and referred to in the report. 


Library Workshop

This workshop will help you:

  • Search, find and select information, ideas, and data for your
    • Introduction (background & statistics especially)
    • Possible solution (e.g. different scientific knowledge or procedures to apply)
  • Create references to that information using RefWorks software

Reference Librarian

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