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LANG 1002 - English for University Studies I : About this Guide

Objectives of this Guide

This guide is developed for LANG 1002 students, to help you find and cite sources for your expository essay, in which you introduce a past game-changing idea and explain its impact.

  • Why was it a game changer? (i.e., What did it change?)
  • What were the conditions at the time which made it possible for it to succeed?
  • Why has it had a lasting impact? (and not just a short-term impact?)


You must find and read, or listen to appropriate sources of information about your game changer.

  • You must use information, correctly cited, from these sources to support your ideas.
  • Each citation must be a paraphrase or a summary of the original source. Do not use direct quotations.
  • At the end of your essay you should write a List of References / Bibliography. This is a list of all the sources which you cited in your essay.


Through searching and finding useful articles you will learn to:

  • Understand the characteristics of three types of information sources: journals, magazines and news articles


  • Analyze your research topic and information needs 


  • Choose appropriate search tools and how best to search them


  • Develop efficient search strategies


  • Evaluate information sources and choose articles based on reliability and suitability

Library Quiz

1. Login to Canvas

2. Click "Courses" on the left hand panel > Select "All Courses"

3. Select the Library Quiz on Citing Sources: LIBQ2021A

Due date: 12 November 2021 Friday 11:59pm


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