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IEEE Xplore: Advanced Search


Advanced Search

Specify the date range and search fields (such as Document Title, Authors, Publication Title, Abstract, Author ORCID). Default is search metadata only (excluding full text)

IEEE xplore advanced search interface

Search Strategies

  • Author ORCID
    ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a persistent, unique digital identifier that distinguishes one author from all other researchers.
    You can create an ORCID iD via the HKUST System. Some publishers require authors to include their ORCID identifiers when submitting papers.
  • Word Variations
    The system will search for plural and suffixed forms of any keywords, and find both British and American spelling variants. Hence, cable will find cable, cables, cabled and cabling; and color will also find colour.
  • Phrase Search
    Use " " to enclose a phrase: "big data".
  • Truncation
    Use * to find variant endings of the same root: volt* to find volt, voltage, voltmeter, etc.
  • Search Operators
    AND - narrow a search by combining concepts, e.g., "big data" and mining
    OR - broaden a search by including synonyms or alternative terms, e.g., encryption or cryptography
    NOT - exclude a word from your search, e.g., sensors not actuators
  • Parentheses
    Use parentheses to set priority; terms inside the brackets will be searched first.
    e.g., bandwidth and (wireless or mobile)

Watch the below video to learn how to conduct Advanced Search

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