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HUMA 3250 - Independent Cinema in Contemporary China: Film Making (How-to)

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Background information sources for making HK documentry film

Census and Statistics Department (CSD)

CSD provides statistics of Hong Kong in various aspects. Please browse different HK statistics at

Information Services Department (ISD)

ISD is HK Governments' news agency and public relations consultant, it is also one of the largest photo archives in Hong Kong. Please visit The Photo Library at North Point for photo browsing and ordering.

Multimedia Information System (MMIS) by Hong Kong Public Library

MMIS is an online platform for accessing historical maps, photos and old HK newspapers etc.

"If you intend to make use of any items of the Materials in any manner or for any purposes other than those permitted under the Terms of Use, prior written permission should be sought from the Government or the licensors.  For enquiries about the copyright status of the Materials, please contact us by filling in the Reference Enquiry Form - General Enquiry." (From MMIS Terms of Use)

Public Records Office (PRO)

PRO is the designated government archives keeping most of the HK Government's historical records and images. You can browse the highlighted items online or search for a specific items by using the online catalogue.

Please note all materials in PRO are copyrighted, you have to complete the form for re-production request: Audio-visual item and Digital item .

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