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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Print, scan, & copy

This guide answers questions frequently asked at the HKUST Library.

Where can I print?

Public printers on each floor support printing from Library’s computers.

Or, you can print from your laptop (read about  Wireless Printing and install the driver in advance).

To print, in general, watch the 1-min video for How to Print from a Library Computer:

What's the cost for copying & printing?

Scanning is free!   Copying & printing have the same cost.  Use Octopus cards to pay.

    A4   A3  
Single-sided       2-sided / duplex      Single-sided      2-sided / duplex       
B/W $ 0.3 $0.5   $0.6 $1    
Color $2 $3.3   $3 $5    


All machines only accept standard-sized Octopus card for payment. To load value to the Octopus card, visit:

  • The restaurants on the campus
  • The supermarket on LG7
  • The student canteens on LG7

More details here:

Can I print from my laptop?

Where can I scan or copy?

Public copiers on every floor of the Library can copy and scan.  

Go to  for details on which copiers have color and A3 in addition to the standard BW A4 size.

How to set the printer to print on both sides, choose color printing, or multiple-page-in-one?

Use the "printer properties" dialog box to choose the setting.

Why is the printout almost like a blank sheet?

This may happen when you print multiple pages in one. Make sure you select the "multiple-in-one" option at the "print properties" setting, rather than setting via the application software (usually Words and PowerPoint).

I followed the procedure to release my print job, but the printer does not respond.

  1. The printer is "offline". Check the panel display on the printer; press the "online" button
  2. Unrecognizable paper size or paper tray - the printers use A4 paper only. If you choose other paper size or manual feed, the printer cannot respond
  3. File size issue - a large file may take longer time to be released from the print server to the printer
  4. Octopus card not detected - make sure you insert and lock the Octopus card properly
  5. Octopus card has run out of money
  6. Printer has run out of paper

Can I release a print job that I sent yesterday?

You may release a print job on the same day anytime, but not overnight. The print server deletes the print queue when the Library closes.

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