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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Books, e-Books, theses, etc.

This guide answers questions frequently asked at the HKUST Library.

How can I use this E-Book?

If you're having trouble with an e-book, solving it may depend on what type is (Apabi? SpringerLink? Other?).

Go look at the Core E-Book collection list and then look at the User guides linked there.  If you have more problems, ask a librarian or other library staff for help,

Help! Why is this book not on the shelf? How can we find missing books?

Library materials may sometimes be mis-shelved or taken away by other users.  This is what we usually recommend if a book is not on the shelf when it says "available" in PowerSearch.

  1. Ask a library staff member (in a blue vest) to help you, to verify you are looking in the right place.
  2. If it is not there, check back the next day (for example, maybe it was left at a copier & needs to be collected & re-shelved).
  3. If on the second day, it is still not available, fill out an Item Search Request form at the Circulation Counter. Library staff will search for the item and notify you when found.

How can I find a thesis or dissertation?

How do I submit my thesis?

Please read this LibGuide.

How can I find music scores?

Although the Library does not collect music scores as a general rule, it does hold some music anthologies, songbooks and some titles of Chinese songs and traditional operas. Since the collection is small in size, the best way to explore it is to browse the M and MT sections of the Book Collection on LG4. Here are some representative works:

University libraries that support music programs have rich music collections. Search HKALL to find items of your interest.

Do you have a collection of past papers or exams?

HKUST Library doesn't regularly collect past papers and exams.

Some old syllabi, course outlines, and past examination papers are kept in the University Archives Room on 1/F.

They are collected every 5 years as samples to reflect curriculum development, rather than as a "past paper collection". Contact Archives staff (2358-6784 or to check if the materials you want is available. Note that you need your department's permission to access the materials.

Civil Service Exam (CRE) Preparation books

The Library has a small collection of books to help prepare for Hong Kong's Civil Service exam (CRE).

Search for them using these subject searches:

How I find novels and short stories?

Fiction is kept in various sections of the subject class "P", according to the language of the original work. The Library also maintains a small collection of award-winning children's novels in section PZ.

For details, go here:

You can also browse the "Popular books" shelves on the G/F.

Details about popular books are here:

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