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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Facilities & Equipment

This guide answers questions frequently asked at the HKUST Library.

How can I book a study room?

Use the online Room Booking System.  You can also use it to book 3D Printers, Bloomberg Stations

Look at the  Rules for the Use of Study Rooms - to learn about:

  • What rooms are bookable by students & staff
  • how many times a week, for how long
  • Other details

How can I book a 3D Printer?

The Library offers 3D printing service to all HKUST students, faculty and staff.

Use the booking schedule to reserve 1 session (6 hours) per day and up to 2 sessions per week.

What software is available on Library computers?

Different software is installed at Windows PCs and iMacs in the Library.

Where can I add value to my HKUST card (e-purse)?

There are add-value machines for the student e-purse in these locations.  Details and most updated info here:

  • In the Student Lounge near Starbucks & the Art Hall
  •  Academic Concourse, near the ARR office (Academic Records & Registration)
  • LG5
  • Outside Hall 2
  • At the seafront cafeteria near Hall 6

Can I borrow a USB, a cable, etc? - Technology Items for Loan

You can borrow USBs, white-board kits, cables, etc

  • At Circulation Counter

  The list of what equipment you can borrow is here:

How to reserve the Video Conference and Interview Room

To find space and facilities in the Library for video conferencing, Skype meetings and interviews.

Check the details here 

How can I connect to wi-fi in the Library? access in the Library is provided by ITSC (like the rest of campus).

Go here to learn about how to connect to WiFi at HKUST.

Where can I add value to my Octopus card?

As far as we know, there are no Octopus add-value machines on campus. Instead, you can add value at:

  • LG7 Supermarket
  • LG1 Restaurant
  • Other catering venues on campus

Why is it so cold in the Library?

The Library strives to maintain a physical environment which balances the optimum conditions for people with those needed for the preservation of the Library collection. An ideal preservation climate for books (15-18 degrees Celsius at 40% humidity) would be much too cold for a reasonable study temperature, which in addition to being wasteful would be counter to the Library's mission.

As such, the Library and the Facilities Management Office (FMO) work closely together to maintain a much more acceptable temperature between 22-24 degrees Celsius, with a humidity level of 55-60%, for the majority of our Library users.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to keep the temperature constant, given the variant outdoor conditions – especially in term of humidity, which can quickly enhance the growth of mold in the collection. Besides, we have found that the existing air handling system requires frequent adjustments to maintain these levels in all areas of the building.

Library staff periodically measure the temperature and humidity in different areas of the building, and whenever a library user informs us of a particularly cold area we work with FMO to get conditions re-balanced as soon as possible.

So, if you find your usual study space to be extra-cold (colder than usual), let library staff know and we will see if adjustments can be made.

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