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Factiva: Filter & Manage Results

Guide to the content and features of Factiva

Use Discovery Pane to filter results

Make use of the filters in the Discovery Pane to narrow down search results. Filter types include: Date, Companies, Sources, Subjects, Regions, Industries, Keywords, etc.

View results by content type

On the results page, select the tab that contains the content type you want to surface.

View search summary & remove filters

The top part of the screen shows what you have exactly searched. To remove a selected filter, click on the white triangle next to it, and further click Remove.

Identify duplicate articles

Use the Duplicates drop-down menu to identify any duplicate articles that may appear in the search results.

  • Off: No duplicates will be removed from the search results, i.e. all available articles will be listed.
  • Identical: Identifies and shows the number of articles that are virtually the same. For example, articles that are republished in several publications with a different headline and source, but the text is virtually identical.
  • Similar: Identifies and shows the number of articles that talk about the same topic. It’s not looking for exact matches, but articles with similar concepts.

Share a results page using the Direct Link

The Direct Link feature allows you to share a results page within Factiva. Please first log into Factiva to access the shared page.

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