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Using E-books: Safari Books Online

E-books for research use.

Safari Quick Facts

Main Site:
Mobile Site: Yes
Users: 2 concurrent users
Subjects: Business and information technology-related
Features: The database supports full-text keyword searching and allows emailing of book sections. It also provides links to download the zip files of programming/multimedia examples
Viewing Content: Default plug-in Safari Content Viewer compatible with most web browers
Printing: Pages must be printed individually
Downloading: Do not support downloading
Help: See Online Help

Print an e-book

Click the a print icon available near the top left corner of the viewer window, allow individual page printing only.

Navigate Safari Site


  • Browse: Browse e-book titles by categories and publishers
  • Quick Search: Enter a search term in the Quick Search text entry field at the top right corner of the screen. By default, entering multiple words in this field will search for sections where all words appear within 50 words of each other. Use quotation marks around a phrase to return results with exactly that phrase.
  • Advanced Search: Use advanced search for searching multiple fields at one time.Click on the search field to access the Advanced Search link.

After you enter a search, Safari returns a list of matching e-book titles. By default, e-book titles that Safari determines are most relevant to your search terms display at the top of the list. In addition, you can:

  • Sort results by popularity, relevancy, insert date or publication date
  • Refine the search by using various parameters in the "Filter Search Results By..." sidebar


Go straight to the e-book by clicking the "Start Reading" button

A sample e-book record:



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