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Bloomberg Professional: Mnemonics

This guide is designed to cover the basics of navigating through Bloomberg Professional, and retrieving financial news and information.

Equities & Indices

Mnemonics are shortcuts that provide specific information and functions for different instruments. The following tables provide some commonly used mnemonics.

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DES – description WEI - world equity indices
ANR - analyst recommendations  GWGT - group weightings (index)
BETA - beta calculation MEMB - index weightings
BRC - analyst reports MOST - most active stocks (index)
CF - SEC filings (EDGAR) MRR - member returns (index)
CN - company news
COMP - compares security's return with benchmark index
EE - earning estimates
EQRP - equity risk premium
EQS - equity screening
FA - financial analysis
FLDS - field search
HP - historical prices
MA - merger and acquisition
PPC - peer product comparison
QRM - bid/ask quotes
TRA - total return analysis
WACC - weighted average cost of capital

Economic Indicators

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WBGR - World Bank Data
CRP - country risk premium
ECO - calendar of economic releases
WECO - world economic calendar and economic indicators

Technical Studies

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BOLL - Bollinger bands
CNDL - candlesticks studies
GOC - historical price and projected trading trends
GP - price graph with volume
GPO - price bar graph with moving average
RSI - relative strength index

More Mnemonics

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