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Bloomberg Professional: Getting Started

This guide is designed to cover the basics of navigating through Bloomberg Professional, and retrieving financial news and information.

Bloomberg Tickers and Mnemonics

Every financial instruments (e.g. stock, index, warrant, economic indicator, etc) are identified by the Bloomberg ticker; followed by the "Yellow" market sector key. For instance:

Type DJI <INDEX><GO> --- DJI (BBG Ticker) + <Yellow Market Key> (F10=Index) + <GO> (Enter)

  • You should see a menu for Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJI) and its related information and Mnemonics.
  • Mnemonics are shortcuts that provide specific information and functions for the instruments, and they are shown in capital letters on the menu.
  • Different instruments have different mnemonics. Mnemonics like DES (description), HP (historical price), GPO (price bar graph with moving average) are common to all instruments.
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