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Bloomberg Professional: Technical Problems

This guide is designed to cover the basics of navigating through Bloomberg Professional, and retrieving financial news and information.

Technical Problems

Trouble Shooting

Try the following steps if you encounter a technical problem on Bloomberg. If the problem persists, contact subject librarians at the HKUST Library or the Bloomberg Helpdesk (Press the HELP key twice).

Login Problem

If you see the message "Login failed. Too many logins attempted", contact the Librarian at

Problems related to File Saving / Data Exporting

If you see the following message when downloading document to your local profile

"Failed to save file to the above destination ....."

saving error 

There is no response when you export data/screen from Bloomberg to Excel, try the followings:

  • Press "Alt" + "d"
  • Select Setup tab > Edit (Downlaod Setup) > Modify
  • Set "Desktop" as the Bloomberg Download Directory
  • Click Save > OK > OK
  • Now you should be able to export the data to Excel

Problems related to Bloomberg Excel Add-In

API Process

  • Close all Excel applications.
  • Click Windows Start menu.
  • Select All Programs > Bloomberg > Stop API Process
  • Restart MS Excel.

API Environment

If "stopping the API process" does not resolve the problem, then

  • Close all Excel applications.
  • Click Windows Start menu.
  • Select All Programs > Bloomberg > API Environment Diagnostics
  • Click Start to begin the diagnostic check.
  • Wait until the diagnostics is completed.
  • Click Repair.
  • Close the diagnostics check and restart MS Excel.

Problems related to Headphone

  • If you need to listen Bloomberg news or other videos (e.g. BMC), connect your headphone to audio port on the computer, not to the Bloomberg keyword. 
  • Check the volume setting (Windows Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound).
  • Reboot the Bloomberg Terminal if the problem still exists.

No Python on Library Bloomberg Terminals

Bloomberg stringently controls whether Python can be used to extract data from Bloomberg. Basically, we’re not allowed to do so. If necessary, use Bloomberg Excel Add-in instead. For assistance, feel free to email our Business Librarian, Celia Cheung ( or Kevin Ho (

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