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Bloomberg Professional: BBG Keyboard

This guide is designed to cover the basics of navigating through Bloomberg Professional, and retrieving financial news and information.

BBG Keyboard

Bloomberg Keyboard Basics

Bloomberg (BBG) keyboard is a specialized and color-coded keyboard that helps users navigating through the system. The look of the BBG Keyboard is very similar to the standard computer keyboard, but there are several unique features including:

  • Color-coded keys
  • Biometric sensor
  • Built-in speakers

Color Hot Keys

The color keys are function keys with different commands:

<Red Keys>

CONN DFLT Log in / Log out
CANCEL Cancel a command

<Green Keys> - green keys are "Action" keys

ENTER/GO Execute your command

- Press "once" to get assistance on a particular page/function
- Press "twice" to get real time assistance from BBG 24x7 Helpdesk (***important note: there was a policy change in April 2014 that university accounts would NOT be able to raise live Help chats.)

MENU Press to return to previous screen
Pg UP/BACK Press to scroll backward in a multiple-page screen
Pg Dn/FWD Press to scroll forward in a multiple-page screen
MESSAGE Bloomberg Message 

<Blue Key

PANEL To move between screens.

<Yellow Keys> - yellow keys are "Market Sector" key

LAW (F1) Global laws, regulations and related news
GOVT (F2) Securities by governments (e.g. Treasury)
CORP (F3) Corporate bonds
MTGE (F4) Mortgage market instruments 
M-MKT (F5) Money market instruments
MUNI (F6) U.S. municipal bonds
PFD (F7) Preferred securities
EQUITY (F8) Common stocks, derivatives, ETFs, etc
CMDTY (F9) Commodities and related derivatives
INDEX (F10) Equity indices and economic indices
CRNCY (F11) Currency information (e.g. FX)

Subject Guide

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Kevin Ho
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Special Green Key - HELP

The green <HELP> key is a special key on the Bloomberg keyboard.

Use it to search the entire Bloomberg system. Press the <HELP> key once to define terminology, formulas, and pages.

Example: type CAPM <HELP>, choose from the result screen for more information on your topic.

Example: type 5 HK <EQUITYDVD <HELP> will give you the help documentation available for that page/function

Hit <HELP><HELP> will open up a live chat box which is a real-time online assistance service from the Bloomberg helpdesk.

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