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Ovid Databases: My Workspace

My Workspace

To access to My Workspace, you must login to a Personal Account. Registration is free.



After you logged in, you can access to:


My Project

To manage your academic research, you can create a project and different folders to save the citations, searches, text, search results, full text or graphics. 50MB of storage is available for every My Account user. You can also upload your own file to My Project.

Annotate:You can add your own annotation to every record.

Add records:You can add any results to My Project from the Search Results page. Check the box(es) and click Add to My Projects button on the top.


my project



My Searches & Alerts


  1. At the Search Page, click to expand Search History.
  2. Select the search you would like to save and click Save Selected.
  3. Give your search a name and choose a search type (3 options).
    • Temporary: Save the search for 24 hours.
    • Permanent: Save the search permanently in the system.
    • AutoAlert: Create a search that runs automatically on a regular basis and email results to a designated list of recipients.
    • My Projects: Save to your existing or new project.
  4. Click Save.

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