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BrowZine: BrowZine Account

Reading Professional Journal Articles on your tablet. This guide shows you how to set up and use Browzine.

What is the BrowZine Account?

The BrowZine Account is the system used to provide personalization features throughout the BrowZine ecosystem.  Having a BrowZine Account is required for using My Bookshelf on all devices as it is used to tie together your iPhone and Laptop for example so that you only need to configure My Bookshelf on one device or the other (or both!) and the configuration will sync seamlessly between the devices.


What is My Bookshelf?
My Bookshelf is the area within BrowZine where you can organize your favorite journals so that the current issue is one click or tap away and so that BrowZine can help you stay up to date in your field!  Choose the "Add to My Bookshelf" button when viewing a journal to add that title to My Bookshelf.  You can then organize my bookshelf by moving the journals between multiple "shelves" and "bookcases" as well as renaming the shelves and bookcases to whatever you'd like!  Then, when you login on any device this configuration will automatically sync to that device and display red bubbles indicating that you have new articles available in that journal.

What is My Articles?

My Articles is a new feature found on BrowZine Web and represents an enhanced version of what was previously called "Saved Articles" on iOS and Android devices.  In short, you can now save articles you find on the Web, iOS or Android versions of BrowZine into one or many collections within My Articles which then syncs across all of the devices you are using via your BrowZine Account.

Is there a maximum number of articles that can be saved in My Articles?
There is a maximum of 500 articles allowed to be saved in My Articles presently, though this number may increase in the future.

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