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New PowerSearch: How to Save Your Reading History

This guide will help users get ready for the cut-over to the new PowerSearch in June and July 2017

Save "My Reading History" - Step 1

1. Go to the old version of MyAccount at <>

login page of  old MyAccount v

Save "My Reading History" - Step 2

2. Choose My Reading Historyscreen capture of my account with "My Readng Histry" outlined in red

Save My Reading History - Step 3

3. Choose "Export Your Reading History"

screen capture of choice of "Export Your Reading History" circled in red

Save My Reading History - Step 4

Choose Format (e.g. "Brief" or "Full" display)

screen capture of choice of format and method of saving or emailing

Email, Screen, or Local Disk

Email will send you the records in either full of brief format to your email.

Screen will display the records (full or brief) on your screen

Local disk - will save (brief or full, with NO hyperlinks) to a txt file (txt file can be imported into RefWorks)

Example of saved brief  record to Local Disk

screen capture of a some breif recrds saved to local disk as a txt file


Full Display

Full Display shows everything in the record. 

  • Choose this if you wish to export the records to RefWorks
  • Then you will have to export the records one-by-one

screen capture of a full record diplayed on screen with "Export to Refworks" circled in red

Brief Records

Choose this if you want a simple list to email, or copy and paste into a document.

screen capture of 3 brief records from a reading history

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