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New PowerSearch: How to Save Your Reading History

This guide will help users get ready for the cut-over to the new PowerSearch in June and July 2017

Save "My Reading History" - Step 1

Save "My Reading History" - Step 2

Choose My Reading Historyscreen capture of my account with "My Readng Histry" outlined in red

Save My Reading History - Step 3

Choose "Export Your Reading History"

screen capture of choice of "Export Your Reading History" circled in red

Save My Reading History - Step 4

Choose Format (e.g. "Brief" or "Full" display)

screen capture of choice of format and method of saving or emailing

Send the List to: Email, Screen, or Local Disk

Email: send the records in either full of brief format to your email.

Screen: display the records (full or brief) on your screen

Local disk: save (brief or full, with NO hyperlinks) to a txt file (txt file can be imported into RefWorks)

Example of brief records saved to Local Disk

screen capture of a some breif recrds saved to local disk as a txt file


Full Display Format

Full Display shows all item details in the record. 

  • Choose this if you wish to export the records to RefWorks
  • Then you will have to export the records one-by-one

screen capture of a full record diplayed on screen with "Export to Refworks" circled in red

Brief Display Format

Choose this if you want a simple list to email, or copy and paste into a document.

screen capture of 3 brief records from a reading history

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